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Coping With Change - Guided Butterfly Meditation

As parents, you naturally want the best for your children. You know that changes are a huge part of life that they will encounter regularly. You, therefore, know that they absolutely need to be able to deal with these changes with confidence. 

​By giving your children the tools they need to cope with these changes now, you will absolutely be helping them develop into the happier, more confident person that you want them to be. 

​Taken from my L.L.A.M.A. Meditation Course, this meditation is made up of three parts: Deep muscle relaxation, a breathing exercise, and guided meditation, where they will meet a butterfly, which will help them to access and address their inner fears about change. 

​The deep muscle relaxation and the breathing technique can also be used as independent tools to help your child calm down when upset or anxious. 

​By listening to the full meditation with your child, you can share your insights and encourage them to share their own insights with you, which will facilitate further discussion that will help you support your child through any changes they are dealing with at that time. 

​What's even better is that this meditation is yours to listen to as often as you like. 

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Coping With Change - Guided Butterfly Meditation

Guided Butterfly Meditation

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