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LLAMA Meditation Emotional Wellbeing and Empowerment Course - School Edition

As a caring teacher, you want nothing more than to help your children become happy, confident learners. However, you know only too well that if a child is not in a great place emotionally, this can also impact their ability to focus and learn.

You will often see:

  • children struggling to manage their emotions – maybe frequently becoming anxious, frustrated, angry, tearful, or withdrawn;
  • children frequently falling out with their friends or becoming easily upset by the things other children say;
  • children who lack confidence in themselves and their own abilities
  • children who display inappropriate or avoidant behaviour because it's easier than trying and failing.

As an experienced teacher and SENDCo I've seen this all too often, along with the negative impact that this has on not only the mental health of the children but on the relationships with parents and on the well-being of staff, who are already struggling to cope with the high demands of a crammed curriculum as well as out of class responsibilities. 

Sadly, this is becoming more prevalent, and not a lot of time is allocated to the curriculum to develop the emotional intelligence of children. Arguably, however, this is even more important than academic intelligence. Here's why:

  • Happy children are better learners - they're not constantly distracted by the things that are worrying them.
  • Less time spent dealing with fights and squabbles means more teaching and learning time. 
  • Resilient children with positive self-esteem are more likely to try harder, which will enable them to experience success and further boost their self-esteem. 
  • Children who know how to work well with other children and disagree respectfully will achieve better success and stay on task. They are more likely to help each other, which in turn will place less demand on the teacher, so they are free to target their support appropriately. 
  • When children are happier and learning well, parents are happier and teachers are less stressed. This will also support teacher retention. 

Fortunately, we are seeing more meditation and mindfulness in schools now, which is a positive step forward. However, this is only tackling part of the problem. 

LLAMA Meditation Emotional Wellbeing and Empowerment Course offers more than just meditation.

By the end of this course, your children will have developed a more positive sense of self-worth, self-awareness and resilience. They will have strategies to cope with negative emotions and change. They will also have the skills and knowledge to develop more positive relationships with others, along with a better ability to identify and build positive friendships, and feel more comfortable in having their own views, whilst being able to see things from different perspectives. They will also be better able to respect other people’s views and peacefully disagree with others.

Your children will also have developed a real sense of connection and awareness of who they are and how they are feeling, along with an ability to better regulate their emotions and tap into and trust their own inner guidance system. All this will be developed whilst having fun and spending quality time togetherPlus all the physical and mental health benefits of meditation can be enjoyed by everyone, helping you all develop positive emotional wellbeing and inner peace.

L.L.A.M.A Meditation Emotional Wellbeing and Empowerment Course

During the course you will

  • Learn more about emotional intelligence is and why it is important for children's development;
  • Learn about meditation and how it can help children;
  • Have fun with your children as you step into their world;
  • Learn how to help children learn and develop from their experience;
  • Learn more about your children's perspectives on life, which can help you identify and address any misconceptions or areas for development.

During the course your children will:

  • Learn about 14 different animals, their characteristics, and what they can teach us;
  • Burn off excess energy and have fun with their peers, whilst taking on the role of animals in given scenarios;
  • Learn how to accept and value themselves as unique individuals, which will raise their self-esteem and result in happier children.
  • Learn how to develop positive relationships with others.
  • Know some strategies to help them with problem-solving and perspective-taking.
  • Learn to recognize different emotions in themselves and others and how they can affect other people.
  • Learn strategies to calm down, reduce stress and gain more focus and clarity.
  • Access their inner wisdom to develop emotional well-being and a positive mindset.
  • Feel empowered to make choices that feel right to them, including friendships, behaviours and actions.
  • Have the opportunity to share their experience with you in a non-challenging way and extend their learning through discussion and journaling activities.

By the end of the course

  • You and your children will have had quality time together with lots of fun and laughter;
  • You will have been able to address any areas of difficulty with your children through relaxed discussion;
  • You will experience a closer connection with your children, who will feel able to express themselves more freely to you, knowing that their views and experiences are valued and listened to;
  • Your children will have learned how to relax and use a range of strategies that will help them calm themselves down when they need to, thus regulating their own emotions.
  • Your children will be able to recognize and develop more positive relationships with others.
  • Your children will be able to look at problems from a different perspective in order to solve them.
  • Your children will have learned how to accept and value themselves as unique individuals, which will raise their self-esteem and result in them feeling happier.
  • You will experience less conflict and low-level disruption in the classroom, which will enable you to spend more time helping the children learn.
  • Your children will be more focused and better able to learn.

What's included?

  • Guidance notes about emotional intelligence and meditation and how they can help your child.
  • A downloadable self-assessment sheet to measure progress at the start and end of the course.
  • 14 lessons, which each include:
    • An introduction to an animal and what we can learn from it
    • A fun movement activity to encourage your child to move around and burn off energy
    • Pre-recorded and downloadable meditations to help your child access their inner guidance to develop one of the four main areas of wellbeing (self-esteem, mindset, relationships, problem-solving)
    • Conversation prompts to discuss the experience with your child
    • A related activity sheet to support your child in consolidating their learning experience. 
    • An affirmation card for you to print and display for your child to see and affirm regularly. 


  • 'How To Give Your Kids A Happy Head Start' E-Book to help you understand emotions and know how to support your children with the skills and knowledge they need to build emotional resilience and well-being worth.
  • A downloadable meditation record card for your child to keep track of how often they have done the meditation by themselves at home. 

What The Children Have Said:

“I love it when you run around and act like the animals, but I love all of it – and when you meditate.” Beth (age 9)

“It helps me to keep calm” Luke (Age 9)

“I like meditating on the different animals each week.” Joe (age 8)

“I’m definitely doing this again. It helps me in class. I can concentrate better after it. I can’t normally concentrate on my work, but like, after this now I will be able to concentrate and do my work better.”  Becky (Age 9)

“It’s fun when every week we do a different thing” Lucy (age 7)

“It helps me to sleep” Sam (Age 10)

I like doing them before school because you’re going in a good mood – you’re calm, not angry” Ben (Age 10)

Case Studies

16 Modules

Introductory Video and Guidebook

Personal greeting and introduction

The Cat (Self-Esteem)

Develop self-esteem with the cat, who teaches 'I am proud to be me.'

The Horse (Self-Esteem)

Develop self-esteem with the horse, who teaches 'I am happy to be me.'

The Budgie (Self-Esteem)

Continue to build self-esteem with the budgie, who teaches 'I am perfect, just as I am.'

The Tortoise (Mindset)

Improve mindset with the tortoise, who teaches 'I have a lot to be thankful for.'

The Rabbit - (Mindset)

Improve your mindset with the rabbit, who teaches 'I control my thoughts and I choose good ones.'

The Kangaroo (Mindset)

Develop mindset with the kangaroo, who teaches 'I have the power to achieve my goals and dreams.'

The Butterfly (Mindset)

Develop a positive mindset with the butterfly, who teaches 'I know changes will bring better things.'

The Bee (Relationships)

Build positive relationships with the bee, who teaches 'I am kind, caring and helpful.'

The Dog (Relationships)

Build Positive Relationships with the dog, who teaches 'I am a good friend to others and I am loved'

The Rat (Relationships)

Develop relationships with the rat, who teaches 'Even when we disagree, we can still be kind to each other.'

The Chameleon (Problem Solving)

Develop problem-solving skills with the chameleon, who teaches 'I try to see things from the point of view of others'

The Seagull - (Problem Solving)

Develop problem-solving skills with the Seagull, who teaches 'I can solve problems by seeing them differently.'

The Lion - (Problem Solving)

Develop problem-solving skills with the lion, who teaches 'I am confident and I can face this easily'

The Dolphin - (Problem-Solving)

Build great relationships with the dolphin, who teaches 'when we work together we can achieve more.'

Modules for this product 16
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